The Secret To Life

Speak clearly, and smile. That should pretty much do it for you.


My Plan...

I'm sure he wouldn't want to have anything to do with this, but I think that, if we were all really as committed as we say we are to getting things done right, we should let John Stewart run everything. No, I mean everything. Like the world. Space. Beyond. You know, all that stuff... Seriously, think about it. Everyone likes him. No one (important) disagrees with him. He's smart, he's cool, he's calm in the face of extreme danger (well...I would imagine), he's impeccably dressed, and he's overly sarcastic. How could we go wrong with that?


I knew it...

Well, there goes the ballgame... Monkeys, Capuchins to be exact (ya know, the little cute ones with the long tails?) have learned economics. Look here. They've already mastered the stealing, gambling, prostitution, and who knows what other kinds of financial practices. It won't be long before they've got controlling interest in some research labs, and mark my words, payback is gonna be a bitch.
Hmmm... Just realized, this may mean that W will soon be able to understand, and thus fix, our economy.