It's getting really hard to tell who the real stalkers are, now that we have MySpace.


The Model Ship Principle

I've discovered something which I refer to as the Model Ship Principle. Essentially, it is that I love the idea of building a model ship much, much more than I actually enjoy building one. I will most likely start many model ships during the course of my life, and someday, when I'm retired and have nothing else to do, I may actually finish one. But for now, I start and then something else comes along, or I'm not having as much fun as I thought it would be, or I get bored with gluing on the lapstrakes. (cause that's the worst part) In any case, this principle applies to a lot of other things in my life as well. I start many more projects than I finish and I'm fairly certain that I will never learn that I should think twice before jumping into the next big (insert unnecessarily complex hobby/activity here)


A favorite author of mine, one Nick Sagan (son of Carl), just contacted me to remind me that his new book Everfree is hitting shelves this coming Thursday, May 18th. Ok, honestly, by raise of hands ... how many of you have had a favorite author personally remind you about his latest book? Major cool points, Nick. Everfree will be the rightmost endcap of a trilogy of books, following Idlewild and its sequel Edenborn. Idlewild is truly one of the most deliciously twisty books I think I've ever read. Just when you think you've got it figured out, WHAM! it kicks you in the balls. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I urge you to check out the whole series.

Also check out Nick's website, and his blog. If you enjoy reading and you don't want the terrorists to win, you not only owe it to yourself. You owe it to America.


Me, me, me

I realize that I haven't posted for awhile, or emailed any of you, or anything. I've been incredibly busy, you see, saving the planet from the likes of the alien infestation and the birdflu, curing cancer, world peace, that sort of thing. Remember the SARS? What, you thought that it just went away on its own? All of that, and I'm spending some time working on my portfolio, so that I can graduate and have a career. Important stuff. You know.
As soon as I have some free time, though, I'll be back to writing ... well, I haven't really ever written here regularly, or anything, so what do you expect? You're lucky to get sporadically out of me. The only reason I'm writing here now is to put off writing a 10 pg thesis on copyright and software piracy. Right, I should actually go do that now.