In the past few years, NSFW, an acronym standing for Not Safe For Work has become an invaluable tool for denizens of the interents. Knowing before you click through that what you're about to see could offend is truly handy in any number of situations, most specifically at Work. However, as I don't currently have a job, this is of limited use to me. What would be super useful though, is a notation that lets me know that the article in question is about the latest teen pop sensation, or who made it to the next round of American Idol or Dancing With The Stars, or the latest castaway from Survivor (is that still a thing?) I'm not sure what an acronym might look like for this concept, or whether it's something we can get people to start using, but here are a few ideas: NIAA (Not Interesting At All), 5MYNGB (5 Minutes You'll Never Get Back), OKTS (OK To Skip), DMTAWHAB (Doesn't Matter To Anyone With Half A Brain), JWN? (Justin Who Now?), JAST (Just Another Sex-Tape).

Feel free to contribute your very own in the comments.