What ... ?

I realize I've been a little less than my normal happy-go-lucky self lately. I apologize. I hope I didn't scare anyone off?
I'll try to come up with a nice piece on bunnies, or puppies, or flowers or something ...

Who am I kidding. Until I'm done with this quarter of school and successfully graduate, there will be nothing but massive amounts of bitching from me, like you've all come to expect and love.


Something is Terribly Wrong

I'm merely extrapolating this information from various things that I've heard from different sources, so forgive me if I'm wrong. (I just don't care to do the research)

But I believe that the America in which I live has the highest percentage in the world of those people who are both clinically obese AND live below the poverty line.

I'm so very sad.


From Bill Maher's show, the other day...

"5 bucks an hour, in an America where the luckier ones spend that on a coffee, is a cruel joke."

He's talking about the fact that the federal minimum wage hasn't been raised since 1997, making it (when adjusted for inflation) lower than it was in 1968, when a Coke was about a dime.

George Bush, our President, who doesn't read, by the way, keeps telling us about how wonderfully our economy is doing, how the joblessness rate is at its lowest point since whenever. Well, yeah, that's because everyone has to have two jobs just to make enough to survive.



Indulge me for a second, if you will. It's taken a lot of people a long time to realize the enormity of this, and I'm certain there are many who still haven't got it.

Our President ... My President, the leader of this great country and the "free world," doesn't read.

He doesn't read. Just ... doesn't.

I'll let that sink in for you. I'm gonna go punch a wall for awhile.