You Heard It Here First ...

Gvangelist: N. One who consistently and completely unsolicited, proclaims the greatness and overall superiority of all Google software products and insists on your switching everything over to them immediately, ad nauseum.

Full disclosure: I am, in fact, one such Gvangelist. Seriously, Gmail! What are you using? It's better than that! Hotmail? Well, maybe if Hotmail came with unicorns and rainbows. Yahoo Mail? Does anyone still actually use that? Honestly? Horde? Well, OK ... But ... built in chat!

What's that?

AOL? ...

I don't ...

I ...

You ... should go now.



Occasionally, I read or hear a phrase that seems so right to me that I need to write it down to ensure that I remember it forever. So why not put it here?

This, from Roger Ebert's blog at the Sun Times:

"... is so definitely not my cup of tea that, for me, it is not tea at all, and does not come in a cup."