The other day I had another brilliant idea (as is wont to happen to me) which involves me starting another page which will be an ongoing review of new Apple products. The page will be called "Mac Fancy". So there. It's here, by the way : Mac Fancy

Here's the thing. I can't afford to buy new Apple products for the purpose of review (or at all) AND eat. So if you've got a new Nano, or maybe a G4 laptop, or even a ROKR (here's a critique...learn to spell... how bout that?) and you just don't know what to do with it, ya know, we could make some arrangements.

Cash would be fine too.



Bill Maher, making the case for a Presidential recall: "On your watch, we've lost almost all of our allies, the surplus, four airliners, two trade centers, a piece of the Pentagon, and now the city of New Orleans. Maybe you're just not lucky?"



(this is paraphrased from something the almighty Jon Stewart said in a recent Daily Show episode)
Remember when you went on that trip when you were a kid, and you knew your Dad was gonna get lost, and you told him that he was going to get lost, so you suggested getting a map, and then he got lost, and you're saying from the back seat that maybe now would be a good time to just stop and get a map, or maybe ask someone for some directions, and he's all yelling from the driver's seat, "We're LOST!! Now is no time to be stopping and getting a map!!! WE'RE LOST!! We gotta figure out where we are first!! Then maybe we can stop and get your goddamn map!! Stop... JUST STOP MAKING SUGGESTIONS BACK THERE... HEY! This is no time to be playing the blame game either! We all have to pull together in times like this. Now just shut up, while I try to get us out of this mess."
Remember that?
If you think about it a little bit, that kind of resembles the state that our country has been in for a little while now.

Now I'm gonna go have a little lie-down.


Things Get Real Scary, Just In Time for Halloween

You need to read the article here: FEMA Detainment Camp, and the one here: Real Heroes, (both courtesy of OneGoodMove.org) and then, if you have any imagination at all, and once you regain control of your bowels, you need to gather your friends who think like you, you need to get them to read the above articles, and you need to figure out a plan. Because we're coming to a time, possibly as soon as in the next few months, when things... well... let's just say things are going to take a turn. Quit waiting around for the deal-breaker. It's already come and gone.