The Model Ship Principle

I've discovered something which I refer to as the Model Ship Principle. Essentially, it is that I love the idea of building a model ship much, much more than I actually enjoy building one. I will most likely start many model ships during the course of my life, and someday, when I'm retired and have nothing else to do, I may actually finish one. But for now, I start and then something else comes along, or I'm not having as much fun as I thought it would be, or I get bored with gluing on the lapstrakes. (cause that's the worst part) In any case, this principle applies to a lot of other things in my life as well. I start many more projects than I finish and I'm fairly certain that I will never learn that I should think twice before jumping into the next big (insert unnecessarily complex hobby/activity here)

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kbryna said...

now here's my question: is this theory a metaphor for something else, or are you really talking about model ships here? i mean, obviously it has implications beyond model ships. but was the development of this principle prompted by model ships, or by something .... else?