Me, me, me

I realize that I haven't posted for awhile, or emailed any of you, or anything. I've been incredibly busy, you see, saving the planet from the likes of the alien infestation and the birdflu, curing cancer, world peace, that sort of thing. Remember the SARS? What, you thought that it just went away on its own? All of that, and I'm spending some time working on my portfolio, so that I can graduate and have a career. Important stuff. You know.
As soon as I have some free time, though, I'll be back to writing ... well, I haven't really ever written here regularly, or anything, so what do you expect? You're lucky to get sporadically out of me. The only reason I'm writing here now is to put off writing a 10 pg thesis on copyright and software piracy. Right, I should actually go do that now.

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