Reading back through some of my posts, I've realized it may seem like all I do is complain. I'm really not like that...uh...most of the time. Things are not simple anymore, and perhaps before I fire off a rant about something, I should think it through, and honestly give every side of the argument an equal chance. I could tender my hatred for stupidity with a gentle understanding spirit of compassion for those who perhaps were not raised to the standards that I was.
That, or maybe we could go back to having some freaking manners and common sense. How bout that, huh?
You know what pisses me off the most? Ungratefulness, that's what. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm working so incredibly hard just to stay where I've gotten, but kids who's every whim has been provided for and who have no idea the kind of hard work it takes to stay alive, in general, make me angry. Hey, just so ya know, is all I'm sayin...
Alright, I'm done ranting now.

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