I don't like spam. Well, I don't really know anyone who does, I suppose, but I really, really don't like spam. But more than the spammers (they're just trying to make a buck, ya know?), I don't like the companies that resort to spam. If you can't develop a decent marketing campaign to put behind your product, maybe you should re-examine what, exactly, it is that you're trying to sell.
Then there are other products that would seem to have a never-ending supply of good, quality marketing behind them, and still, the company producing them feels they need an extra edge, or something. I got a spam email advertising Dyson vacuum cleaners the other day. I like Dyson. I think they're great, or at least that's the impression I get. I've never personally used one of their vacuums, but I like their ads, generally, and if I were in the market for a new vacuum, theirs would be in the list of vacuums I would be willing to consider.
It would have been, that is, until I saw a spam with their name on it. Now, I'm taking a stand. Let it be known. (music swelling) If I receive an email from someone I don't know with your company's name on it, I will never buy any product you have to offer now or ever. Up until the point at which all food is marketed through spam, of course, but even then, only when your company apologizes to me in writing. And some flowers wouldn't hurt either.
Rise up, brothers and sisters with the clogged email. Take this stand with me.

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