Something You Don't Seem To Have Realized Yet

Your MySpace/Friendster/LiveJournal/Facebook/ "insert-random-name-of-social-networking-site/blog/website-here" can be seen by everyone.
And that "everyone" deserves waaaaaay more inflection than I can possibly hope to give it with just a measly bold and an underline. Let's get this straight, though. I'm not talking about everyone in the world here. While that much is theoretically possible, "everyone in the world" doesn't have the time or any interest to seek out your semi-revealing pictures or stories of meaningless one-night-stands you've so carelessly shared with us. No no, the "everyone" I'm talking about is a much more relative "everyone."
Remember that kid, let's call him Gary, who was in your 6th grade class, but only for about 3 months? Just long enough to crush on you and leave you creepy notes? Something about his basement?

You don't remember Gary? Cause he certainly remembers you.

Gary knows all about the internet. And he wants to be your friend.

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