As If I Wasn't Angry Enough Already

I just wanted to pass along a "website you should read constantly" kind of a tip, for all of those of you who are perfectly content in your complacent little lives, and are in dire need of a distraction. The Consumerist is a part of the Gawker Media series of websites, which also encompasses such gems as Lifehacker, Gizmodo, and Screenhead (formerly edited by the amazingly sarcastic Dong Resin), to name a few.
The Consumerist runs a bizarrely fine line between ombudsman, random complaints department and online bitch joint. They were the ones to break the now relatively widespread story of an AOL customer running up against the worst in Customer Service, as well as offering tips on how to deal with bad customer service, what to do if you're shafted by the Man, and who you should get in touch with when you really need something to happen. (Hint: The CEO)
Beware, Big Business. The little man has an outlet.
Just make sure that you're justified in your bitching, before you send them your story. Otherwise, you may find that you're the one being lambasted by their fiery tongue.

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