The Dumbening of America

The Fox network's fall season starts off with a bang tonight. They're back with their (insert superlative) new show Prison Break, and I, for one, won't be watching. It's crap. Complete and total crap. In fact, Fox is lucky I watch any of their programming at all, after they preemptively ended the absolutely amazing Arrested Development. That, and the fact that they have the Sunday cartoons Family Guy, American Dad (slightly less-good Family Guy) and the still-ok Simpsons are the only things keeping me around. I can honestly say that I don't feel like they've developed any great new shows for a good 5 years or so. I know I expect too much from the moving picture box sometimes, but jeez, guys. I mean, c'mon! My suspicion is that the American people, at least the TV-watching ones, are becoming more and more unintelligent, and thus demanding simpler television programming which is easier to understand for their tiny, tiny brains.
Tiny brains.
They're stupid.
They ... uh ... well. You get the point.

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