Speaking Of Enough Already ...

I've been hearing a lot about this whole todo with the airlines not allowing any liquids on the plane. Apparently, small personal electronic devices are now out too, at least for in-cabin use, which seems to have a lot of people up in arms. How is one to deal without one's iPod, for even the short duration of a continental flight? How could they do this? My music or my life! ... And other similar comments.
Now, without you even having to ask, here's my opinion: 5 years ago, you didn't have an iPod. What did you do then? Perhaps, if you were to crawl out of your own head (where everything is nice and comfortable and you can be safely apathetic) and strike up a conversation with the brown man in the seat next to you, you would find out that he's pretty much like you, and he also thinks that all of this is pretty fucked up, and maybe, between the two of you, you could come up with an idea that would fix things, not just cover them over, or shift the blame around, but truly, once and for all, fix things.


Oh wait, you have the new Killers album?! Is it any good? Can I get that from you?

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