Dude, you're making me look so bad.

Alright Mr. Zach Braff. Holy crap, how can a normal guy get a break with you coming along and being all...look at me...writing and directing and starring in your own film-festival-award-winning movies and your awesome TV show Scrubs and winning a Grammy for the freaking amazing soundtrack that you co-produced? HUH!? The problem with you is you think you're all special...and you are, so I can't even be mad, just jealous.
Ya know, I mean, my parents and teachers and everyone always told me I could be anything I wanted to be. And I took that to heart, I really did. I still believe it. The problem, I guess, is that no one ever told me that I could have been doing whatever I wanted all along. My problem throughout school remains that I'm bored, waiting to finish, so that I can actually do something. Just you wait, Zach.

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Goober said...

I am hurt and offended by this blog. I feel that the negative reference to American Idol was a personal attack on my TV viewing habits. I can't help it if I cried a little when Constantine was voted off. Did you hear his version of Bohemian Rhapsody? You would have cried too.