Like most of the 80's

So, I'm sitting in a coffeeshop, writing this, surfing the internet, checking my email, other nerdly things...and I started thinking about how this kind of technology has totally revolutionized the way we think about and interact with the world. Wireless internet, broadband, laptops even, have all happened in the last few years, completely collapsing our world view, making everyday tasks easy and efficient, allowing once impossible things to be done with the click of a mouse. It's really amazing that we get to live in a time and age where all of this is possible. Then I wondered if maybe in a couple of years everyone will look back on this and be ashamed of how much time we wasted watching American Idol.

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Goober said...

Ok. In case you can't tell I'm new at the blogging thing. I posted a comment on the 4/24 posting about
American Idol but it was meant for this one. So sorry. I guess I'm more upset about the voting than I thought.